Particularly for its family plan, Spotify’s alleged hi-fi “Platinum” service doesn’t appear to be inexpensive.

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The majority of well-known streaming providers give paying users access to hi-fi streaming quality settings. When using this setting, you can hear more detail, just as the track’s creators would have. While Spotify does not provide CD-quality music to even Premium members, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal do. Hi-fi will be available to clients in 2021, according to the company, though it did not specify when. We might not have long to wait, according to a recent survey given to a Spotify customer, but the cost might be very steep.

Redditor u/nearlymind terminated their Spotify Premium subscription in order to transfer to Apple Music, but Spotify then asked whether they would consider purchasing Spotify Platinum within the following 30 days (via What Hi-Fi). If this study is to be believed, Spotify Platinum may become available in November. Hi-fi streaming compatibility, Studio Sound, a Headphone Tuner tool, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro, and limited ad-supported Spotify podcasts are among the features of the upgraded plan.

The Redditor assumes Playlist Pro would be similar to Apple Music’s Smart Playlists function, which automatically adds music to the playlist if they meet your predefined criteria for that list, even though the survey doesn’t state. According to rumors, Library Pro could function similarly to the Apple Music library, which allows users to change song metadata, including artists, albums, and genres. Hopefully, this is the case and library and playlist control features are still available to free-tier members.

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