Is Neil Young On Spotify… KIND OF

False are the allegations made on social media that Spotify has reinstated Neil Young’s music. Their extensive music library of Young is still not available on Spotify, according to the artist’s dedicated profile. The Spotify website for Young still lists a small number of compilation albums and movie soundtracks with his music on them.

The news that Neil Young’s music has returned to Spotify is causing a social media uproar; these statements are both true and false.

Reuters said that the singer-songwriter has not “returned,” despite some of his tracks being offered on Spotify. Instead, the only Neil Young music available on Spotify is from soundtracks for films or other events where he appeared but whose music was distributed by other parties. Neil’s over 60-year-long library is not entirely represented on his Spotify page, which is still mainly empty.

Because it was included on the “Eat, Pray, Love” album, Neil’s “Heart of Gold,” for example, is accessible via the streaming service.

In a statement on Jan. 30, Spotify said it was “planning to add a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes a discussion about COVID-19” and that it has made only modest changes to its policy about content relating to the coronavirus.

I will try my best to balance out these more contentious ideas with other people’s perspectives so we might potentially arrive at a better point of view, he promised. “I don’t want to just present the opposing viewpoint to the story. I want to display a variety of viewpoints so that we can all understand what is happening, not just with regard to COVID but with regard to everything, including health, fitness, wellbeing, and the overall situation of the planet.”

Misleading. There is still no sign of Neil Young’s music on Spotify. Social media posts depict soundtracks and collections that feature Neil Young songs yet were unable to be taken off from the network.

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